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Diane and I would like to welcome you to This is our home site index page (Version 7.3). Look for updates to the different pages as I have migrated the content from my site at AOL. This site is divided into the following pages to make it easier for you to navigate:

  Media Page08/18/2016  News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports links.
  My Resume07/29/2016  IT Professional seeking new opportunities.
  Our Houses07/29/2016  Info on our new house in Indianapolis and past houses we have owned.
  My Family04/02/2016  Genealogical pages containing the family histories of the Hintz and Burrell families as related to Roger and Diane Hintz.
  Golf Page04/03/2016  Roger's Golf Page.
  Snow Skiing Area01/02/2016  Kenda and I skied at Devil's Head Ski Resort in Merrimac, WI in December 2011.
  Soccer Page01/02/2016  My history with the sport of Soccer (Futbol).
  Music Links01/02/2016  Links to some of the music groups that I enjoy.
  TraiN LiNks01/02/2016  Life in a reduced size of 1:160 - My Layout  
  Scuba Area01/02/2016  The Undersea Worlds of Rog Coosteau.
  MHS 198001/02/2016  Information about Mishawaka High School's class of 1980 and our class reunions. Go Cavemen!!!
  Miscellaneous Stuff01/02/2016  This is where I have links that don't fit in any of my other categories.

Current Messages:
Indy Eleven Indy Eleven - The World's Game, Indiana's Team

Indy Eleven is a North American Soccer League team that began play in the spring of 2014.
Initially, games are being played at Carroll Stadium on the IUPUI Campus.
Come on, you boys in blue.
Indiana Blood Center Indiana Blood Center
Only 5% of the eligible population donates blood.
It is donors who support the lives of patients.
The need for donations never ends.
Please come in and donate as soon as you can.

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